Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Art of the Cover - Keith Richards' "Vintage Vinos" (2010)

Very .. erm interesting artwork!

Yap, Brother Keef strides strongly, with charcoal cloak streaming, bravely on into the Light! ... Interesting pyramid configuration on the Vs!

Anyway, here's an interesting collection from Keef with a band that ain't the one with a rubber-lipped, bisexual, asshole singer.

Yap, as we discovered in the pages of his autobiography Life, Richards is very proud of his 'great band' - the X-Pensive Winos, the group he formed in 1987 when the Rolling Stones were on hiatus.

The band had an A-list lineup with Steve Jordan and Charlie Drayton sharing duties on drums and bass, Waddy Wachtel - the American Keith Richards - on guitar, Ivan Neville on keys and the Stones frequent collaborator Bobby Keyes on saxophone.

Sarah Dash, one-time member of Labelle, shared lead vocals with Richards, who played guitar and fronted the band.

Richards three albums on which the X-pensive Winos appear are long out of print, but some of their best tracks are reissued here on "Vintage Vinos"!

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