Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Moments In Time - Lou Reed Gets Crazy Doing 'Crazy Dylan'!

You're lucky you didn't hurt the guitar!  

A surreal spoof by the late Lou Reed as a certain stoned/spaced out dude called 'Auden'; an 'anti social recluse' who's been  'dropped by six record companies'! .... Yap, it's gotta be a portrait of el Bob!

Starting with his first appearance - an addled delivery of some surreal lines, before a giant poster of Dylan's "Bringing It All Back Home" cover art - you can see here exactly how genius Bob comes up with his meisterwerks as he proceeds to slowly (very slowly!) make his way to the gig while the erm, muse inspires him, all the while racking up the biggest cab fare in history !

Yap, it's cult classic 'Get Crazy', a 1983 music al comedy centered around the annual New Year’s Eve concert that takes place at the fictitious 'Saturn Theater' (a piss-take on the Fillmore East in NYC.)

A f*cked up flick that really lampoons the Muzak Biz and the varying stereotypes found in the rockin’ world of roll!!

The tale concerns an evil industry mogul called Colin Beverly who  has plans to demolish the Saturn for a high-rise office building. However, Max Wolfe (played by Allen Garfield), an 'version' of Bill Graham, holds a 30-year lease to the theater, and refuses to be bought out by Beverly.

Wolfe becomes so irate that he collapses of a heart attack, and his nephew Sammy wastes no time telling Beverly that he is to inherit the theater. Beverly offers Sammy the deal he offered his uncle, that is, if Sammy can get Max’s signature on an agreement to transfer the theater’s lease before midnight. The show proceeds into the night, and much madnessensues, mainly in the form of Sammy attempting to sabotage the theater in various ways throughout the night, as various performers deliver wonderful pastiches.

Performers throughout the New Year’s Eve show include Captain Cloud (the Turtles' Howard Kaylan) and the Rainbow Telegraph (Wolfe’s favorite band who arrive on a bus that is painted much like the one by the Merry Pranksters), Nada (Lori Eastside from Kid Creole and the Coconuts) and her 15-member band, an amalgam of stuff that was appearing on MTV in the early 80s, King Blues (played by Bill Henderson, a spoof on Muddy Waters), and Reggie Wanker (played by Malcolm McDowell and a spoof of Mick Jagger) with his drummer “Toad” played by John Densmore of the Doors!.

And best of all, of course, there’s Auden, played by Lou Reed, “the metaphysical folk singer, event of the ’70s and antisocial recluse” … a piss-take of one Mr. Zimmerman!

Below is a wonderful montage capturing all of Reed’s moments in the film! Who knew that, despite all evidence to the contrary, Lou really was such a light-hearted bundle of laughs all along!

Taking postmodernism even one step further, Auden ... sorry, Dylan ... sorry, Reed here also delivers a nice version of Lou's own "Little Sister" ( ... to an empty auditorium, save for a dog and an ... erm talking cigarette)!!


MJG196 said...

Ah...from his less-than-Lou "commercial" era! Yes, I own it
'cuz I'm a Lou fanatic, but I ain't a fan of it!

stupid and contagious said...

Ha ha! Love that 'less-than-Lou' phrase!

He sure was in some sort of limbo there for a while!

And he obviously didn't have a career in acting to fall back upon!!

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