Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Music - Whipping Boy do 'Twinkle' Live on Irish TV

she's the air I breathe, not too pure for me ...

The wonderful Whipping Boy here perform a dleightful acoustic version of  'Twinkle' for Irish TV.

A post-modern murder ballad of sorts layered over the most delicious of melodies, this demented song of doomed love and dark death opens with the mighty couplet "waiting to be bled, turning tricks just like your mother" and just doensn't let up thereafter!

She's the only one for me, now and always ... indeed!

This piece appearred on RTE's 'No Disco' show back in 1997.

The performance is introduced by the late Uaneen Fitzsimons.

'Twinkle' was the opening track to the band's sublime Heartworm LP - a lost classic if ever there was one.

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