Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Video - The Connells' "'74-'75"

I was just sorry ever after ...

I'm not crying ....  you're bloody well crying!!

Yap, it's the vid for the mighty "'74-'75" from a few moons back, by cult Carolina collective The Connells.

An achingly beautiful song of memory, loss and regret ... I was your sorry-ever-after, indeed!

The simple yet very effective and emotive video is pretty damn good too.

The song was written by Mike Connell.

Appearing on the band's fine Ring LP - their fifth studio album -  in 1993, the song didn't make much of a dint at home but, bizarrely, became a big hit in a few European territories.

Yap, while Ring barely bothered the charts in America (peaking at a majestic No. 199 on the Billboard 200), it made the Connells stars in Europe, with "'74-'75", hitting #14 in the UK Top Twenty. Even better, the song made it all the way to No. 1 in Norway and Sweden while cracking the top-10 in another nine countries across the continent. It even earned a platinum record in Norway to go with gold records in Germany and Sweden.

The song also featured on the soundtrack of the 1995 film Heavy.

The beautiful film below - that rarest of things; a promo which even serves to enhance the power of the song - was directed by Mark Pellington.

A moving glimpse of some southern Othellos "declin'd into the vale of years".

Shot at Needham B. Broughton High School in the band's hometown of Raleigh, the film features members of the Class of 1975, juxtaposing 1975 yearbook pictures with footage of the same folks as they then were, nigh twenty years later.

Two Connells members had also gone to Broughton High School.

Going a bit meta, band head-honcho Mike Connell now practices law (as does his twin brother, John) at a firm in North Carolina, specializing in workers' compensation law.   

Mike and The Connells - although somewhat sporadically - continue to play to this day.
Getting more meta, to mark the 40th anniversary of the 74–75 class, a wonderful remixed video of the song was released in November 2015. This one shows the class members as they currently look, some 22 years after the original film was released, and some four decades after those wonderful yearbook photos.

Check the video out and get more info at loseringbook 

Sadly, one memorable alumnus, Mr. David Hoggard - pictured above in 1974 and again in 1993 with his wife Susan and daughter Alison - passed away, in 2013.


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