Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Song - The Sound's "I Can't Escape Myself"

The Sound - Jeopardy album coverart.jpg

seems like my shadow mocks every stride ... 


Yap, it's the sound of The Sound.

Dig those chainsaw riffs! ... Yap, Gordan Gano's Violent Femmes later made an entire career out of rehashing this song!

I'm sick and tired of reasoning ... indeed!

The beautiful, jittery, Camus-tastic, slice of angst-ridden, existential dread that is "I Can't Escape Myself" was the opener to the band's delightful debut album Jeopardy released back in 1980.

The song was written by the late Adrian Borland, the realities of whose very troubled life seem to be encapsulated here .

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