Friday, 1 April 2016

The Video - Black's "Wonderful Life"

look at me standing here on my own again, up straight in the sunshine ...

A gorgeous song and video here from the late Colin Vearncombe - better known by his stage name Black - who sadly passed away, all too young, a few weeks back.

Colin will be forever remembered for, amongst other fine songs, this beautiful piece of life affirming art.

Here's the, erm .. wonderful summery film, shot in delicious monochrome. North-west England whas never looked soo good!

The video was shot around the seaside resort of Southport, as well as Wallasey - near Black's hometown of Liverpool.

For beach-front afficianados - like me and Morrissey - the film features New Brighton Lighthouse and promenade. As well as a shrimping boat and local landmarks, the video also includes the Looping Star rollercoaster (from the tantalisingly titled Pleasureland park), plus The Galleon fairground ride.

Sprinkled therein too are some brilliant shots of memorable, nay fascinating, local residents - none more so than the enigmatic mouth organist pictured above! A man with a tousand stories written on his face!  ... I want to see a full movie about that bloke!

The video was directed by Gerard De Thame and, rightly, won an award at the New York Film Festival in 1988. 

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