Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Music - Michael Head & The Strands 'Queen Matilda'

I paint the sails; it’s the job for me ...

Nice fan video for the sumptuous swirling, ethereal, duende-laden, song of doomed pained love 'Queen Matilda' by wayward genius, and erstwhile Shack and Pale Fountains head honcho, the enigmatic Mick Head.

'Queen Matilda' is the opening track to the mighty platter "The Magical World Of The Strands" which dropped back in 1997.

It's like Arthur Lee colliding headlong here with the great Nick Drake.

Just let those strings swirl all round you as you drown!

Listen kids, love will fuck you up .. OK!

“And then you… you went away” .... indeed!

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