Friday, 5 February 2016

Art of the Cover - Gene's "Libertine" [Deluxe Edition] (2014)


With great cover photography by Chris Floyd, it's a blast from the past, Gene's 2001 opus Libertine.

The band's under-rated post-major-label album Libertine recently got a major reboot. 

The remastered album is being re-released with an entire alternate album’s worth of unreleased material throughout its bonus disc.

“Let Me Move On” is possibly the greatest I give up song ever written about a band ever (“You’ve done nothing wrong – we all move on…”), while a slower demo version of “You” shows that it wasn’t always a cringeworthy belter.

Although a number of the extra songs here are concerned with underwear, the charming “Man Seeks Life” takes a sardonic look at dating culture, with its narrator with “a face you’ll get used to” seeking nothing more than a “breathing partner.” That it’s set to the most Olympian-style guitar line the band had written since 1995 only adds to its clumsy charm.


Disc One
1. Does He Have a Name
2. A Simple Request
3. Is It Over?
4. O Lover
5. Let Me Rest
6. We’ll Get What We Deserve
7. Walking In The Shallows
8. Yours For The Taking
9. You
10. Spy In The Clubs
11. Somewhere In The World 
Bonus tracks 
12. Let Me Move On [Long Version]
13. If I’m A Friend [b side of 'Let Me move on']
14. Left For Dust [b side of 'Let Me move on']
15. Supermarket Bombscare [b - side of 'Is it Over']
16. Little Diamond [b - side of 'Is it Over']

Disc Two

1. Rising for Sunset [unreleased studio version}
2. Who Said This Was The End? [b side of 'Is it Over']
3. From Georgia to Osaka [b side of 'Does He Have A Name']
4. With Love In Mind [b side of 'Does He Have A Name']
5. Welcome to Dover [b side of 'Does He Have A Name']
6. Baby I’m Sorry [unreleased studio track]
7. Man Seeks life [unreleased demo track]
8. 6 am unreleased [unreleased demo track]
9. Skin Parade [unreleased demo track]
10. You [Chapel Studio Version]
11. Does He Have A Name[demo version]
12. Simple Request [demo version]
13. Is it Over [demo version]
14. Spy in the Clubs [demo version]
15. Walking In The Shallows [demo version]
16. Let Me Move On [demo version]
17. O Lover [demo version]

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