Sunday, 1 November 2015

Art of the Cover - Protomartyr's "No Passion All Technique" (2013)

if I see my hands, sir, I know they do no wrong ....

What's refreshing about No Passion All Technique is its lack of immediate sonic reference points. There are loose ones-- vocals like Nick Cave, punk guitars-- but this is a record in its own universe. There's jittery instrumentals, cynicism, and paranoia, sure, but you can't define it by those things. There's also heartwrenching loss and awesome guitar solos. And there's a humanness and empathy to this material that's increasingly rare in rock songs. For a debut LP, No Passion All Technique is an impressive showing of sonic, lyrical, and emotional range, and it all falls under a cohesive banner.


In My Sphere 3:44
Machinist Man 2:44
Hot Wheel City 1:35
3 Swallows 2:21
Free Supper 3:12
Jumbo's 4:28
Ypsilanti 3:12
Too Many Jewels 3:51
(Don't You) Call Me Out My Name 1:06
How He Lived After He Died 2:54
Feral Cats 2:51
Wine Of Ape 1:21
Principalities 3:40

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