Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Cover Version - Radiohead do The Smiths "The Headmaster Ritual'

belligerent ghouls run Manchester schools; spineless swine - cemented minds ...

A fine respectful cover by Radiohead of the mighty 'The Headmaster Ritual' by one of my all time faves, The Smiths,for some webcast thingy.
This song appeared, of course, as the opening track on the band's masterful sophomore 'Meat Is Murder' LP, released back in 1985.

An album I played a million times as a kid. A thing that shone like gold amongst the morass of mid-80's muzak (yes young uns, music in the 80's was veritably vile ... almost half as bad as the muzak is today!!)

A song with typically succinct yet powerful evocative Mozza lyrics. A fond fond very unfond recall of schooldaze (the best daze of your life, apparently!) and the "belligerent ghouls" running Manchester schools!

They're "spineless swines" with "cemented minds"! Sadistic motherf*ckers where "mid-week on the playing fields, Sir thwacks you on the knees"!

A place fuelled by fear and managed by abuse ... "Elbow in the face; bruises bigger than dinner plates."

The song's a scream of rabid rage against the machine where Morrissey concludes "I wanna go home. I don't wanna stay. Give up education as a bad mistake"!

How wise! Nigh all of what you "learn" (more accurately, "what you're forced to believe"!) under insidious so-called "school curricula" everywhere is riddled with lies, lies and more lies! Well, perhaps except Mathematics! And that class where they teach chicks (and erm, a certain type of 'male' .... you know, the likes of Tom Cruise, Ricky Gervais et al!) how to bake yummy yummy chocolate chip cookies!

Mmmmmmmm yummy yum yums!!

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