Thursday, 22 October 2015

Art of the Cover - The Stars Come Out on Sesame Street (1979)

This thing really falls into the WTF category!!

What the hell are respected artists like Johny Cash and Ray Charles, amongst others, doing on this insidious show!!

Even the adorable modern-folk princess Judy Collins is on here with some inane ditty!

Actually when I first saw the title 'The Stars Come Out on Sesame Street', I thought it was some sort of Oprah bullshit where La-La Land muppets of a certain, erm "ilk", finally tell the public what they already know!!

I guess, back in the Seventies, the phrase "Come Out" actuall did mean only come out.

Speaking of muppets, we can see where Barack Hussein found his nonsense election catchphrase. ... Yap, those words of 'genius' clearly came from none other than the mighty Pointer Sisters!

Yes We Can, Can! ... Yes We Can! ... No Of Course We Fucken Can't!

Anyway, here's the disturbing tracklist!!
1. Wonder Child -- Helen Reddy
2. Nasty Dan -- Johnny Cash with Oscar The Grouch
3. Yes We Can, Can -- Pointer Sisters
4. One Thing Leads To Another -- Judy Collins with Biff
5. Sing After Me -- Madeline Kahn with Grover
6. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow -- Judy Collins with the Sesame Street Kids
7. Oh What A Beautiful Morning -- Ray Charles
8. How Do You Do -- Lena Horne with Grover
9. Five Feet High And Rising -- Johnny Cash with Biff
10. A World Without Music -- Jose Feliciano with the Sesame Street Kids
11. I Make Up Songs -- Helen Reddy

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