Sunday, 15 November 2015

Art of the Cover - Protomartyr's "The Agent Intellect" (2015)

The Agent Intellect cover art

I will make you feel the way I do ....

Nice idiosyncratic piece of cover artwork. One referencing the album's title: it being named after an ancient philosophical questioning of how the mind operates in relation to the self .... or something!

The boys in Protomartyr have sure been busy,  knocking out three great albums in three years. And here we have the spanking new The Agent Intellect, their third and finest work to date.

Impassioned, powerful, intelligent music straight out of Detroit. A thunderball laced with elements of the best post-punk of the early 80's. All with the American version of an impassioned/ raving Mark E Smith in the form of idiosyncratic lead singer/bard Joe Casey.

I really played the shit out of their previous platter - 2014’s mighty Under Color of Official Right - and I'll be doing tthe same to this!

Protomartyr carry the torch of post-punk’s forefathers — the Fall, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Nick Cave — but do so with a brutal, emotional honesty and melodic expertise that shows they can burn just as hard as their ancestors. The Detroit-based band returns after 2014’s excellent Under Color Of Official Right with an even darker, spikier follow-up. Agent Intellect is thoroughly flooded with intense conflict, tension, and dread. Frontman Joe Casey’s deadpan, drawling ruminations on mortality and the human condition reach a nearly Dostoyevsky-esque level of existential conflict. But within the swamp of these bleak, deeply troubled phrases, a stream of light, and perhaps hope, peeks through. The melodically driven, dynamic nature of these songs creates a level of complexity and brightness that makes Agent Intellect more than just pure doom-and-gloom. These tracks also bounce and shake with a sky-soaring energy.


1. The Devil in His Youth
2. Cowards Starve
3. I Forgive You
4. Boyce or Boice
5. Pontiac 87
6. Uncle Mother's
7. Dope Cloud
8. The Hermit
9. Clandestine Time
10. Why Does It Shake?
11. Ellen
12. Feast of Stephen

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