Thursday, 1 October 2015

Art of the Cover - Kurt Vile's "Square Shells" (2010)

Interesting artwork here!

A piece credited to one Matt Horseshit!  .... Hey, I know that fucker - he's dating my ex-girlfriend!

Anyway, listening to Vile's brand new meisterwerk "B'lieve I'm Goin Down..." brought me back to this gem.

The fine collection Square Shells is a limited edition EP released on May 24, 2010 on Matador Records.
The collection features some nice work from Adam Granduciel - Vile's erstwhile sparring partner in The War on Drugs.
Regarding the release, Vile stated: 
"[The EP is] a collection of some home recordings and some studio recordings. I put the songs together, see what they need, maybe add some more here, maybe songs from back in the day. ..... No different from Constant Hitmaker or God Is Saying This to You.... It’s just a compilation. Psychedelic, kind of mellow."
"Square Shells" received pretty damn good reviews with Pitchfork's David Bevan, for example, writing:
"With seven beautifully sequenced songs in 27 minutes, it's more substantial than your traditional stopgap, with more to explore. [...] It's a satisfying EP that leaves open the question of where Vile's music might go next. Will he work more in the folk lane and away from FM radio licks? Will he go it alone or will the Violators be at his side?"
Meanwhile Adam Kivel of Consequence of Sound wrote:
"Whether the next LP will bring back the heavier, fuller side of Vile’s sound is yet to be seen. But, a disc like this, even as an EP, makes you wish he could keep making them this way for a while."


"Ocean City"
"Invisibility: Nonexistent"
"Losing Momentum (for Jim Jarmusch)"
"I Wanted Everything"
"I Know I Got Religion"
"The Finder" (Vile/Adam Granduciel)
"Hey, Now I'm Movin"

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