Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Art of the Cover - Franz Ferdinand's "Tonight: Franz Ferdinand {2-CD Special Edition Boxset}" (2009)

The beautifully presented Limited-Edition Box-Set TonightFranz Ferdinand.

The package includes their fine 2009 album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand spread across six 7" records plus a bonus 40 minute PAL/Region 0 DVD and a Bonus CD, Blood, which is a Dub version of the album.

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand is the third album from the acclaimed Glasgow-based band.

The album sees them taking a step back from the Post-Punk revival sounds that gave them their breakthrough. With Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, the band are seen to incorporate more disparate influences such as Jamaican Dub and elements of Electronica. What remains of the old Franz Ferdinand is their knack for locating a danceable rhythm and their gentle, deadpan humor.

The choice of Dan Carey as producer is in keeping with this new direction, the past credits of whose include CSS and Hot Chip


CD1: Tonight
01. Ulysses 3:11
02. Turn It On 2:20
03. No You Girls 3:41
04. Send Him Away 2:59
05. Twilight Omens 2:29
06. Bite Hard 3:26
07. What She Came For 3:33
08. Live Alone 3:29
09. Can't Stop Feeling 3:02
10. Lucid Dreams 7:56
11. Dream Again 3:18
12. Katherine Kiss Me 2:55

CD2: Blood: Tonight

01. Feel The Pressure 3:27
02. Die On The Floor 6:34
03. The Vaguest Of Feeling 3:49
04. If I Can't Have You Then Nobody Can 3:53
05. Katherine Hit Me 3:43
06. Backwards On My Face 3:47
07. Feeling Kind Of Anxious 6:31
08. Feel The Envy 3:32

Bonus DVD 
Blood... The Tonight Dub Sessions

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