Friday, 2 October 2015

Art of the Cover - The Bohicas' "The Making Of" (2015)

Snarling English quartet The Bohicas caught a lucky break when their first-ever show was attended by Alex Kapranos. Impressed, the Franz Ferdinand frontman took them on tour as openers for his band.

Inspired by the gritty pulp of Frank Miller’s graphic novels and the almost-punk simplicity of pre-Beatles rock, their debut album, The Making of, is led by the twin singles of “Where You At” and “Swarm,” which quickly caught the attention of Beats 1’s Zane Lowe.

And thus the band's rise began.

The Bohicas are rock and roll painted in vivid primary colors. Hihg hi-def, loud, fast, shiny and above all fun. A barrage of killer hooks, razor blade riffs and choruses that slap you in the face, grab your hand and lead you onto the dance floor. All shot through with pulp imagery torn from the pages of a graphic novel.

The Making Of was produced by Mark Rankin (Queens Of The Stone Age, Bombay Bicycle Club), Chris Merrick Hughes (Tears For Fears, Adam And The Ants) and Oli Bayston (Toy, Boxed In).


01. I Do It For Your Love
02. To Die For
03. Only You
04. Girlfriend
05. The Making Of
06. Where You At
07. XXX
08. Swarm
09. Red Raw
10. Upside Down and Inside Out
11. Somehow You Know What I Mean

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