Monday, 14 September 2015

The Video - The Whitest Boy Alive's "Burning"

never time to have my mind made up; caught in motion and I don't wanna stop ....

Some glorious music here! It's the ad-hoc collective 'The Whitest Boy Alive' with the wonderful "Burning"!

Yap, it's KOC's Erlend Øye - the coolest nerd on this or any other planet (except perhaps the planet of Nerdron in the Livinginmymomsbasement galaxy) and some friends from Berlin.

Yap, if Robert Smith had joined New Order and they'd all spent a summer on pills in the 24-hour daylight of Scandinavia, then they might've come up with something like this!

A very subtle post-modern electronica punk scream! Echoes run through this going back to Eddie Cochran's mighty "C'mon Everybody", through to The Seeds' "Pushin Too Hard", through to the Stones' "Satisfaction" through to "No Fun" by The Stooges through to electronica pioneers Suicide ... and on and fucking on!!

Oh yeah, there's a great vid too! A wonderful arty animated piece directed by Daniel Mercadante.

Suitably messed up! .... Perfect!

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