Monday, 7 September 2015

Art of the Poster - Terence Young's "Too Hot To Handle"

For years I was trying to get to see this film. When I finally found it, I was pleasantly surprised.
Jayne offers a serious performance that I found very credible. Even her voice is lower in it's tone,and the numbers when she sings give us an idea of what her Las Vegas shows must have been like(she was the highest paid performer,at 35,000 $ a week !).God knows that Jayne was not offered many serious roles in her film career,but this one indeed qualifies as a serious one.
The film is directed by acclaimed director Terence Young,and even if the production values are done with a small budget, it is well-paced,with a real story giving us a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes of life as a stripper in the late 50's.
The serious side of Jayne's performance made me think about her last movie, 'Single Room Furnished'.
Conclusion:Don't dismiss this film as a 'Bomb' or El-cheapo trashy fim,it is not.
Trivia .... One of the reason why the film was shot in black and white,had to do with how revealing one of Jayne's costume was (the one you see on the cover!)
          by Michelle De Ville 

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