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Art of the Cover - Robert Forster's "Songs to Play" (2015)

Robert Forster Songs to Play

please don't twitter - let me imagine you ....

Gorgeous artwork! 

Is that Bob's missus Karin the kimono? Apt that it were given her status as muse for Robert is clear across a number of the great songs in here.

An acclaimed musiciain in her own right, Karin, of course, provides gorgeous vocals and violin flourishes throughut the album.

It's the magnum opus "Songs to Play" from Robert Forster - founder of the legendary Go-Betweens.

First off -- this thing's fucking excellent. Robert's greatest solo collection, with moments of majesty that are up there with his best work in the peerless Go-Betweens. His unique trademark, witty, warm and moving mix of self-deprecating and heartfelt wordplay and idiosyncratic meldious music style is as fresh and unforgettable as ever.

Indeed it's the most Go-Betweens-sounding solo album he's made.

It's Robert's first album since 2008's The Evangelist - a mighty collection which came during a very difficult personal time for Robert, after the then recent death of his long-time Go-Betweens partner and friend Grant McLennan. 

Robert spoke of the album's genesisis, saying ....
"I had originally envisaged the gap between my last album and my new one as five years. I wanted time to pass, for there to be a cut-off. I knew what happened next would be the start of something new. Five years became seven."
As well as touring and continuing his acclaimed work in the arena of music criticsim, one thing that added to the delay was Forster's involvement in the magnificent  Go-Betweens Box Set series G Stands For Go-Betweens, the first of which was released in January.

He also produced a number of albums including the fine The John Steel Singers' album, Everything's A Thread, which is full of terrific off-kilter pop.

Robert Forster Songs to Play


1. Learn To Burn
2. Let Me Imagine You
3. Songwriters On The Run
4. And I Knew
5. A Poet Walks
6. I'm So Happy For You
7. Love Is Where It Is
8. Turn On The Rain
9. I Love Myself (And I Always Have)
10. Disaster In Motion

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