Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Art of the Cover - Palace's "Lost In The Night" (2014)


Some real nice artwork adorns this lovely release from a band called Palace --- and no, it's not the legendary Palace of Will Oldham aka Bonnie Prince Billy!  (I'm not sure how this crowd are able to use that same name, actually!)

Palace's beautifully presented 'Lost In The Night' EP is available special edition 180g black 12" vinyl. 

The sleeve is a delightful 300gsm matt reverse board, with white inner sleeve. 

Also included is a digital version of their Lost In The Night EP.

Palace are a four piece consisting of close friends Leo Wyndham (Guitar & vocals), Matt Hodges (Drums), Rupert Turner (Guitar) and Will Dory (Bass).

After meeting at school they decided to create an epic sounding band full of grandeur backed with honesty and integrity.

Whilst not a blues band in the traditional sense their blend of blues space rock is undeniably British with bluesy and soulful vintage overtones.

Leo’s sublime voice perfectly compliments the dreamy ambient electric guitars creating a timeless sound, drawing comparisons to early Kings of Leon, Black Keys, Foals and past greats like Buffalo Springfield.

01 – Bitter
02 – I Want What You Got
03 – Ocean Deep
04 – Veins
05 – Lost In The Night

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