Saturday, 3 October 2015

Art of the Cover - Oblivians' "Melissa's Garage Revisited" (1998)


Yap, the cover to the fine early collection Melissa's Garage Revisited by enduring Memphis rockers, the Oblivians.

The album features Austin-based harmonicist Walter Daniels and Memphis-based vocalist Jeffrey Evans.

Originally released in 1995 by Texas record label, Undone, the album was titled Walter Daniels Plays With Monsieur Jeffrey Evans & The Oblivians At Melissa's Garage.

For the expanded re-release, the title was shortened and four new tracks were included.

It Don't Take Too Much - 3:53
Rockin' In the Graveyard - 2:53
Don't Worry - 2:31
Dearest Darling - 3:46
We're Not In It to Lose - 1:58
Rerelease Additional Tracks 
Someday My Prince Will Come - 3:22
The Darker the Berry - 2:03
Sticks and Stones - 3:32
Bending Like a Willow Tree - 3:15

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