Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Art of the Cover - Gene's "Libertine" (2015)

 A wonderful shot adorns this lovely package - a digitally remastered and expanded Deluxe Double-CD edition of the much missed British quartet's 2001 release Libertine.

Presented in casebound book packaging and featuring a host of bonus tracks, rarities, and featuring contributions from the band, these are the definitive reissues of their much loved catalog.

This expanded edition features a whopping 35 tracks including "Does He Have a Name", "Is It Over?", "Let Me Rest", "You" and many more.

Included therein are a load of rarities -- including demos, out-takes, radio versions and live tracks.

Gene were formed in London in 1993 by singer Martin Rossiter, guitarist Steve Mason, bassist Kevin Miles and drummer Matt James. Inspired by the songs of the Smiths, the Jam and the Faces, Rossiter's literate vocals and Mason's fluid guitar lines were perfectly complemented by the intuitive rhythm section of Miles and James.

They released 4 killer albums before sadly calling it a day in 2004.

A bit back, like Libertine, all their studio albums plus the fine rarities-filled compilation To See the Lights were reissued in double-disc Deluxe Editions containing extra materials (demos, out-takes, radio versions and live). 


  1. Does He Have a Name 7:15
  2. A Simple Request 3:49
  3. Is It Over? 4:42
  4. O Lover 5:59
  5. Let Me Rest 6:13
  6. We'll Get What We Deserve 4:51
  7. Walking in the Shallows 2:54
  8. Yours for the Taking 6:24
  9. You 4:05
10. Spy in the Clubs 4:16
11. Somewhere in the World 3:06
12. Let Me Move On (Long Version) 4:53
13. If I'm a Friend 5:08
14. Left for Dust 5:08
15. Supermarket Bombscare 3:17
16. Little Diamond 6:11
17. Rising for Sunset (Studio Version) 5:28
18. Who Said This Was the End? 4:42
19. From Georgia to Osaka 3:20
20. With Love in Mind 3:10
21. Welcome to Dover 3:53
22. Baby I'm Sorry (Studio Track) 4:14
23. Man Seeks Life (Demo) 4:45
24. 6 Am (Demo) 3:41
25. Skin Parade (Demo) 4:09
26. You (Chapel Studio Version) 3:19
27. Does He Have a Name (Demo) 6:24
28. Simple Request (Demo) 3:45
29. Is It Over (Demo) 4:37
30. Spy in the Clubs (Demo) 4:19
31. Walking in the Shallows (Demo) 2:51
32. Let Me Move On (Demo) 4:17
33. O Lover (Demo) 5:01

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