Thursday, 17 December 2015

Art of the Cover - Bob Crewe & Charles Fox's "Barbarella Soundtrack" (1968)

For the first time on CD, it's the Soundtrack to the cult classic "Barbarella".

The collection features music from the Bob Crewe Generation and includes Bonus Tracks, Radio Commercials plus a Fold-Out Inlay with a Jane Fonda Poster plus a completely original essay by noted film music writer, Randall D. Larson. The booklet is also packed with photos.

An absolute must for all film music collectors.

Beautiful packaging and liner notes detailing the arrival of Bob Crewe & Charles Fox's soundtrack to the 1968 cult hit "Barbarella", a French-Italian co-production that featured Jane Fonda as an Astral-Navigatrix whose speciality is L-O-V-E. The happy-'60's soundtrack (with vocals by both Crewe and a group named The Glitterhouse) has become scarce and expensive in the last ten years, so this release is quite wonderful to own, especially when augmented by a handful of bonus tracks (from an instrumental album of "Barbarella" songs by The Young Lovers) and radio promo spots.This is grooovy stuffff!!


1. Barbarella - Extended Version
2. Goodnight Alfie
3. Spaceship Out Of Control
4. Ski Ride
5. The Hungry Dolls
6. Love, Love, Love Brings Me Down
7. Pygar Finds Barbarella
8. I Love Alll The Love In You
9. The Labyrinth
10. Pygar's New Wings
11. Fight In Flight
12. Entrance Into Sogo
13. Hello Pretty Pretty
14. Pygar's Persecution
15. The Black Queen's Beads
16. Dead Duck....Contd...
17. The Pill
18. Smoke (Viper Vapor)
19. The Sex Machine
20. The Chamber Of Dreams
21. The Destruction Of Sogo
22. An Angel Is Love
23. Barbarella - Alternative Version
24. Radio Spot 1
25. Radio Spot 2

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