Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Art of the Cover - Jess Glynne's "I Cry When I Laugh" (2015)

Oxymoron Alert!!! ... Else, simply, Moron Alert!!!

"I Cry When I Laugh"? ... Opposites are the best, aren't they? And always so clever.

... Guess it beats the original title "I Tunnel Towards The Earth's Core Like An Addled Rabbit On Meth When I Fly On Airplanes."

Yap, clearly, another British chick with problems!

It doesn't matter though. Glynne's sporting the well-known "my tossled hair's all wet (else just horribly greasy again) so fuck me NOW before it dries (else becomes, erm, un-greasy)" look, so all's good!

How many shots did it take to get that particular, very unsuggestive, erm ... mouth configuration?


01. Strawberry Fields
02. Gave Me Something
03. Hold My Hand
04. Real Love
05. Ain’t Got Far To Go
06. Take Me Home
07. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself
08. You Can Find Me
09. Why Me
10. Love Me
11. It Ain’t Right
12. No Rights No Wrongs
13. Saddest Vanilla (Feat.Emeli Sandé)
14. Right Here
15. Home
16. Bad Blood
17. My Love (Acoustic)
18. Not Letting  Go
19. Rather Be  
20. My Love 

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