Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Art of the Cover - Foals' "What Went Down" [2015]


OMFG, that's sooooo goddamn mysterious!!!!

The artwork was created by Daisuke Yokota.

Yap, the enigmatic baby horses are back.

What Went Down - the fourth studio album by the Brit indie outfit - dropped on 28 August 2015 via Transgressive Records.

The “primal, intense and sometimes harrowing" What Went Down is their first LP since 2013’s acclaimed Holy Fire.
With the help of critically acclaimed producer James Ford, the LP was recorded in a rural, 19th Century mill in Southern France. How quaint!!

Frontman Yannis Philippakis said of the album:
"I wanted to tap into my inner madman and feel like I was channeling some sort of fevered creature."
Inner madman? ... Guess he really dreams of spending his days in some dumb 60's ad agency drinking Jack Daniels and smoking cigars while staring at the wiggling asses of big boobed secretaries.

The revered (well, by themselves, at least) gurus at Rolling Stone seem to like the album, writing ....
U.K. art rockers Foals specialize in arena-size intricacy - anthemic art pop rich with detailed guitar churn, latticed beats and luminous electronics. Their fourth and best album plays up a dark, bracing urgency, especially on the explosive title track, where Yannis Philippakis hollers over low-slung, fuzzed-out riffing and high-octane drum pummel. Songs like "Snake Oil" add funk stomp and blues-metal muscle, suggesting Foals' Oxford, England, homeys Radiohead at their most visceral. "Now that we're older/The future is colder," Philippakis sings on "A Knife in the Ocean," and every song here spins something epic out of that dread. 


01. What Went Down (05:01)
02. Mountain at My Gates (04:04)
03. Birch Tree (04:21)
04. Give It All (04:47)
05. Albatross (05:24)
06. Snake Oil (04:21)
07. Night Swimmers (04:45)
08. London Thunder (04:14)
09. Lonely Hunter (04:37)
10. A Knife in the Ocean (06:53)

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