Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Video - Beirut's 'Santa Fe'

this day was once silent before ...

I heard a rumour it was summer now. So I thought of this vid.

Yap, it's 'Santa Fe', a standout from Beirut's fine intimate collection 'The Rip Tide' from a few moons back.

A song of age-old struggles. An enigmatic paean to the pain and pangs of temptation, love and lust. And/or, a song of the search for some sort of sense of home. And/or too, a tale of longing for a return to proper faith.

All played out within a typical Condon musical framework of delicious tinny melodies delivered on eclectic electronica mixed with moments of gorgeous brass instrumentation.

The ambiguous 'Sante Fe', which of course means "Holy Faith" in Mexican, has been the title (and key metaphor / theme) to a shitload of songs (of variable quality) from an array of artists (of very very variable quality!) ranging from His Bobness to Van Da Man to Lightnin' Hopkins to .... erm, Bon fucken Jovi!

This particular 'Santa Fe' holds it own even amongst the best of that throng.

The suitably complex, dark - yet redemption and hope filled (and indeed playful) - vid was directed by Sunset Television.

Frontman Zach Condon said of working with the producers ... "I'm honoured they would take me under their wing for a video." Yap, Sunset Television is apparently an entity composed of giant birds with cameras!

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