Saturday, 24 October 2015

Art of the Cover - Sünken Ships' "Sünken Ships" (2014)

Gorgeous artwork adorns this nice eponymous debut from Sünken Ships.

Founded by former Sybris drummer Eric Mahle, along with members of My Cold Dead Hand, Red Terror and Muchacha, Sünken Ships takes Chicago post-punk, layers it with guitar laden hooks, and coats it off with a slick 90’s pop finish.

The album was recorded in parts by producing heavyweight Jim Tullio (Rick Danko, Mavis Staples) and indie juggernaut Mike Lust (Wilco, Urge Overkill).

The debut from Sünken Ships isn’t a 90’s throw-back album. It’s an album that was mostly written in the 90’s, but just got around to being recorded. You can hear the influences of the great indie rock of that time, but the band has a sound all its own with the benefit of time and experience, aged like a long-forgotten bottle of Malort collecting dust in the back of your liquor cabinet … or some similar analogy!

.... Just give it a listen!


Self Foot Shooter
The Bliss Of Ignorance
The Waiting
Chicago Labor Day
Grew To Need You
Turned On Me
Straight Ahead
Falling Out

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