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Art of the Cover - Melody's Echo Chamber's "Melody's Echo Chamber" (2012)

Ah, the beady eyed Melody!

Yap, a suitably sunny/dreamyy/trippy piece of artwork adorns the wonderful debut album from erstwhile Kevin Parker paramour, la belle Melody Prochet.

A real nice reworking of the original photograph below.

"Melody's Echo Chamber" was actually recorded at the home studio of Tame Impala head honcho Parker, in Perth, while the music does at times have some distinct Tame Impala resonances.

Regardless, it's a sumptuous and cohesive collection that totally holds up in its own right.

A thing of propulsive dream-pop beauty.

Every once in a while an album comes along that floors me. That album, as of late, is Melody's Echo Chamber. Out of left-field this nugget of music beauty appears and takes over my ears for weeks. An album painting pictures of hazy days and melancholy nights. An album walking that fine line between psychedelic and sober. An album that's existential and down to earth. A mix of Blonde Redhead's melancholy breeze, Tame Impala's psychedelic haze and late eighties shoegaze courtesy of Lush. Magical music that's dreamy, sleepy, drugged-out and at times quite melancholy - and always beautiful.

-- J. Hubner

The self-titled debut from Melody's Echo Chamber is a record of psych-tinged pop with just the right amount of thematic darkness and grime around the edges.  
Melody Prochet has a way with melody and a voice that places her among the top-tier graduates of the Trish Keenan and Laetitia Sadier school of dream pop, but it's Parker's signature production that helps this record transcend its forever-in-vogue 1960s pop influences. ("This record was my dream sound," Prochet said in a recent interview. "I've tried for years to get it but finally found the right hands to sculpt it.") Full of immersive textures that give off an echoey depth and prismatic riffs that tumble through space, Parker's production grants this record its own laws of gravity. 
The record's best songs tease out tension between soft and hard edges-- a combination of beauty and brittleness. Excellent lead-off single "I Follow You" pairs an exquisitely sugary melody with a fuzzy, syncopated riff, while the dreamy "Crystallized" detonates in its final moments into a kraut-y electro freak-out.


I Follow You
You Won't Be Missing That Part Of Me
Some Time Alone, Alone
Bisou Magique
Endless Shore
Quand Vas Tu Rentrer?
Mount Hopeless
Snowcapped Andes Crash
Be Proud Of Your Kids

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