Thursday, 2 July 2015

Art of the Cover - Los Campesinos!' "No Blues" (2013)

there is no blues that could sound as heartfelt as mine ...

Gorgeous cover art featuring photography by Michael Barrow.

Art Direction and Design were courtesy of Rob Campesinos! (yes, that is his given name!)

Some great music here too!

Back with their 5th album and down a few band members, Los Campesinos! have delivered the best album of their careers so far. More contained and less self-consciously hyperactive than their debut Hold On Now, Youngster, and less mopey than their previous album, 2011’s Hello Sadness, No Blues sees LC! settling into a more consistent, individual sound. It’s all the best aspects of the Welsh 6-piece’s previous albums combined – a real coming-of-age record, just not too aged.


01. For Flotsam   3:43
02. What Death Leaves Behind   3:37
03. A Portrait Of The Trequartista As A Young Man   3:01
04. Cemetery Gaits   4:52
05. Glue Me   5:04
06. As LucerneThe Low   4:22
07. Avocado, Baby   4:36
08. Let It Spill   3:20
09. The Time Before The Last Time   2:47
10. Selling Rope (Swan Dive To Estuary)   6:17

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