Friday, 12 June 2015

Art of the Cover - The Rolling Stones "Wild Horses" (1971)

Erm ... not remotely gay!!

Yap, the Stones (aka the skinniest, zero-musculed fuckers in the world!) seem to be having a ball (no pun!), goofing around in their tightie-whities (all aside, bizarrely, from notorious lothario Bill Wyman) and playing with the original LP artwork for Sticky Fingers (created by a certain Andy Warhol of course) - a cover which really caused a scandal at the time. 

Speaking of which, a beautifully presented Super Deluxe Reissue of  the sublime "Sticky Fingers" has just been released.

This magnificent new Box Set is truly a must have. The package includes a Remastered version of the album, two Bonus CDs with unreleased performances as well as a live DVD and a re-pressing of two of the great classic 7" vinyl singles of all time.

CD 1 is a fully remastered version of of the original Sticky Fingers. The seminal Stones 1971 classic has been expertly remastered to make the sound even more soulful and bluesy. The sound here makes Mick, Keith, ace lead guitarist Mick Taylor, and company come alive in vivid, raw, blues-soaked detail.

CD 2 includes a full 10 bonus Sticky Fingers tracks - featuring 5 alternate takes and 5 fantastic live tracks from London 14 March 1971.  Meanwhile CD 3 has the complete legendary gig from Leeds on 13 March 1971. 

There is also DVD featuring performances form the Marquee 1971 gig along with a re-pressing of the classic 7" vinyl singles,  Brown Sugar and Wild Horses.

The Super Deluxe Edition is housed in a gorgeous Presentation Box (with a real zipper - yap, Warhol's original design feature of a working zipper has been reinstated!) replete with with a 120-page  hardcover book with new liner notes, unseen photographs, band cut-out. There's also a bunch of Posters, Postcards ... and lots more!

The carefully crafted 120-page limited-edition book recounts the making of this classic album and features an extensive essay by Nick Kent. The book is embellished with previously unpublished images of the band and lavishly illustrated with metallic gold ink throughout.

Wild horses couldn't drag me away!

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