Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Art of the Cover - Nils Frahm's "Victoria OST" (2015)

Some striking artwork adorns this fine collection of music - a soundtrack to an idiosyncratic German heist movie but a self-contained piece of art in it's own right.

There has rightly been much praise for the cinematic qualities of Nils Frahm’s music, so it was surely only a matter of time before he scored a film.

Having held out for “something real special”, the Berlin composer has written the music for the new German film Victoria.

The “one take” movie is from director Sebastian Schipper and follows a runaway party girl whose nocturnal adventures lead her into a bank robbery.

“When Sebastian Schipper invited me to work on Victoria, I knew it was worth the long wait,” says Frahm. “Does such a strong film even need music? I realised it wouldn’t be easy to create a score that embraces these bold pictures.”

The soundtrack features cellist Anne Müller, violist Viktor Orri Árnason and Deaf Center’s Erik K Skodvin on guitar.

Frahm's awareness seems repeatedly drawn to glowing spaces where notes ring out after they've been struck. These spaces mimic the way a memorable event lingers in our minds, acquiring new shades of meaning and slowly receding into the morass of our lived experience. In echo-rich, contemplative music like this, the event itself doesn’t matter nearly as much as its aftereffects, the way it changes over time and the way it changes you.

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