Thursday, 13 August 2015

Art of the Cover - Future Islands' "The Chase" (2015)

is this love .... or the love of the chase?

The Chase" is introduced with a poignant symbol: A freshly made bed that's no longer being shared between two people. There were happy memories, but things fell apart. If it's not plain that he's hurting from his poem where fog and crumbling sandcastles symbolize the end of a relationship - or from his pained facial expressions during the band's latest "David Letterman" performance - listen to his voice. This is what anguish sounds like.

Interesting artwork adorns "The Chase" by Baltimore boys Future Islands.

The EP features two brand new Future Islands songs and comes on the heels of their sublime 2014 breakthrough album Singles

"The Chase" also comes in a special Limited Edition version (click the LHS link ... ) of only 2,400 worldwide, with each hand-numbered by the band.

The band continues to tour playing headline shows and festivals through 2015, playing their 1,000th (yes, one-thousand) show this year!

Disc: 1 
1. The Chase 
Disc: 2 
1. Haunted By You

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