Sunday, 14 June 2015

Art of the Cover - Divine Styler's "Spiral Walls Containing Autumns of Light' (1991)

Arguably the most undeservedly ignored hip-hop release of the early '90s, Spiral Walls is a mind-blowing, astonishing album that glitters like a dark jewel, equally nightmarish and astonishingly beautiful. 

Some batshit crazy artwork here, alright! .... Yet not remotely as odd - or unexpected - as the marvellous music inside.

Music we'll call uber-idiosyncratic rather than batshit crazy!

Yap' it's the enigmatic Divine Styler and his 1991 magum opus 'Spiral Walls Containing Autumns of Light.' 

His only proper solo album which, despite clamours from fans down the many years since, has sadly never been followed up with another new collection.

Perhaps this most unique and other-worldly of works could never ever be properly followed up anyway.

A million miles away from Styler's late-80's B-boy raps heard in recordings with Ice-T, Spiral Walls takes you to another world entirely.

A beautiful mad melange of bliblical imagery, Sufi symbolism, psychedelica, Beat style spoken-word, jazz inflections, avant-garde funk, industrial noise-scapes, heavy metal, and any amount of other experimental elements .... and loads of sublime Sufi-infused poetry of transcendence and shit. Just take a gander at the song titles in the tracklist below!

A fucking masterpiece!

1. Am I an Epigram for Life
2. Touch
3. In a World of U
4. Love Lies and Lifetime's Cries
5. Livery
6. Grey Matter
7. Heaven Don't Want Me and Hell's Afraid I'll Take Over
8. Mystic Sheep Drink Electric Tea
9. Width in My Depth
10. The Next
11. Euphoric Rangers
12. Walk of Exodus
13. Aura

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