Thursday, 13 August 2015

Art of the Cover - Calexico's "Algiers" (2012)

A real nice nice piece of stylized cover art adorns this mighty Calexico collection.

Cover artwork and design was by Ryan Trayte.

Ryan was also responsible for the lovely artwork on Calexico's recent opus Edge Of The Sun.

I have to say I got obsessed with this album when it first came out ... and still fucking love it today!

Like the title of the opening track, this thing is fucking Epic!

There's always been dollops of intrigue and adventure at the heart of Calexico's magical music.

Joey Burns and John Convertino have constantly imbued their work with an unparalleled sense of drama, calling upon the myths and iconography of the American West and its Spanish speaking neighbor Mexico.

"Algiers" possibly represents the pinnacle of their achievement, a thrilling and moving journey through a landscape that draws upon the modern world as much as it does the decayed reminders of times past, stumbling upon unexpected delights whilst always moving forward with a pioneering sense of purpose.

22 years and 6 albums since forming as a band, Calexic's 2012 opus Algiers showcases recognizably classic Calexico but with a style that has been revitalized and reborn by the experience of recording in New Orleans.

Conscious of the clichés that can sometimes afflict acts working in a city with such a strong identity, Burns, Convertino and producer Craig Schumacher chose to avoid the bigger, better known studios in favor of a smaller, more intimate setting.

The result of this decision is arguably the most exciting and accessible record Calexico have made.


1 Epic
2 Splitter
3 Sinner In The Sea
4 Fortune Teller
5 Para
6 Algiers
7 Maybe On Monday
8 Puerto
9 Better And Better
10 No Te Vayas
11 Hush
12 The Vanishing Mind

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