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Art of the Cover - The Beatles' "Compact Disc EP Collection"

The wonderful - and beautifully presented - Beats Box-Set "Compact Disc EP Collection" released by Parlophone some moons back.

The collection houses fifteen CDs in black box with gold lettering.

After the Beatles released Please Please Me in 1963, they began releasing Extended-Play singles (EPs) along with hit singles to bridge the gap between singles and albums. 

Each EP included B-sides and rarities (like for instance, mono and stereo versions of Magical Mystery Tour!), and here are all 14 EPs, together with a bonus disc and a 32-page Magical Mystery Tour book from the original British release. 

A gift any music fan would love to get!

In 1982, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Beatles' first hit single, Love Me Do, EMI in the UK re-released the single on 7" vinyl in a specially designed picture sleeve. All of the original Beatles UK singles were then subsequently re-released, in sequence and on their 20th anniversary, from 1983 through to 1990. A box set was also released in 1982 containing these 7" releases. 
This box set contains CD versions of the 22 original 7" singles the Beatles released in the UK between 1962 and 1970 and the discs are packaged in picture card sleeves, each of these replicating, in CD form, the 7" vinyl singles re-released during the 1980s. 
The interesting thing about this box set is the fact that many of the tracks are in mono (up until the last few singles - Ballad of John & Yoko was the first UK single to appear in stereo, in 1969) and this is the only way, on CD at least, to obtain mono 7" mixes of songs like Help!, Day Tripper, Strawberry Fields Forever, Eleanor Rigby, Hey Jude, All You Need Is Love & Get Back. The mixes of some of these songs is quite different in mono form, making this an essential purchase for any Beatles fan. 
I listened to the whole set in sequence when I first got the box, from Love Me Do right through to Let It Be including all the B-sides. Listening on headphones made hearing the differences in the mono mixes even more apparent. 
Depsite all the critical acclaim heaped on the Beatles for their classic albums, many forget these guys were a great singles band too, without doubt THE great singles band of all time. 
In summary this is an excellent package and a must for Beatles fans and collectors.  


The Beatles' Hits
1-1 From Me To You 1-2 Thank You Girl 1-3 Please Please Me 1-4 Love Me Do
Twist And Shout
2-1 Twist And Shout 2-2 A Taste Of Honey 2-3 Do You Want To Know A Secret 2-4 There's A Place
The Beatles (No. 1)
3-1 I Saw Her Standing There 3-2 Misery 3-3 Anna (Go To Him) 3-4 Chains
All My Loving
4-1 All My Loving 4-2 Ask Me Why 4-3 Money 4-4 P.S. I Love You
Long Tall Sally
5-1 Long Tall Sally 5-2 I Call Your Name 5-3 Slow Down 5-4 Matchbox
Extracts From The Film A Hard Day's Night
6-1 I Should Have Known Better 6-2 If I Fell 6-3 Tell Me Why 6-4 And I Love Her

Extracts From The Album A Hard Day's Night
7-1 Any Time At All 7-2 I'll Cry Instead 7-3 Things We Said Today 7-4 When I Get Home
Beatles For Sale
8-1 No Reply 8-2 I'm A Loser 8-3 Rock And Roll Music 8-4 Eight Days A Week
Beatles For Sale No. 2
9-1 I'll Follow The Sun 9-2 Baby's In Black 9-3 Words Of Love 9-4 I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
The Beatles' Million Sellers
10-1 She Loves You 10-2 I Want To Hold Your Hand 10-3 Can't Buy Me Love 10-4 I Feel Fine
11-1 Yesterday 11-2 Act Naturally 11-3 You Like Me Too Much 11-4 It's Only Love
Nowhere Man
12-1 Nowhere Man 12-2 Drive My Car 12-3 Michelle 12-4 You Won't See Me
Magical Mystery Tour (Stereo Version)
13-1 Magical Mystery Tour 13-2 Your Mother Should Know 13-3 I Am The Walrus 13-4 The Fool On The Hill 13-5 Flying 13-6 Blue Jay Way
Magical Mystery Tour (Mono Version)
14-1 Magical Mystery Tour 14-2 Your Mother Should Know 14-3 I Am The Walrus 14-4 The Fool On The Hill 14-5 Flying 14-6 Blue Jay Way
The Beatles
15-1 The Inner Light
15-2 Baby You're A Rich Man 15-3 She's A Woman 15-4 This Boy

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