Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Video - Spoon's "Written In Reverse"

I've seen you blankly stare and I wanna show you how I love you, but there's nothing there ....

Here's the nice bullshit-free (I think the technical term is minimalist!), live-performance, video for "Written In Reverse" by  Britt Daniel and Jim Eno plus a few pals, from some moons back.

Even better. it's in good old Black & White - I think the technical term is monochrome!

The vid was directed by Danny Clinch.

The anguished song of dead love "Written In Reverse" was, of course, a lead single to the band's fine 2010 album Transference.

Transference was the seventh album from Spoon - their fifth on Merge Records and first made without the help of an outside producer.

It followed the smasheroo Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga - a U.S. top-10 album which received 'best of year' accolades from "media darling" makers like NPR, Pitchfork and the ilk.


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