Friday, 3 July 2015

The Video - Kings Of Convenience's "I'd Rather Dance With You"

I'd rather dance with you than talk with you, so why don't we just move into the other room ....

A real classic music video here.

A beautiful and simple (and funny and witty and charming and touching and wonderfully idiosyncratic!) piece from Norway's finest, the Kings of Convenience.

Yap, it's gotta be the vid for "I'd Rather Dance with You" from Bergen boys Eirik Glambek Bøe and Erlend Øye.

A sublime, life-affirming piece of art - a very rare beast these days!

And Erlend puts in a fabulous, erm 'dancing' show here! There's something innately hilarious about seven-footers shaking their gangly selves about! The official name I believe is "John Cleese Syndrome!"

 "I'd Rather Dance With You" was one of many highlights from the band's very fine sophomore collection 'Riot on an Empty Street'.

Oh, and it's a fantastic song too! Like most of KOC's stuff, a beautifully crafted jewel.

Another bijou of intelligent multi-layered pop with great lines like "even if I could hear what you said, I doubt my reply would be interesting for you to hear because I haven't read a single book all year and the only film I saw, I didn't like it at all." ..... Guess he went to see that ludicrous crock "Birdman"!

A song that sounds like something created when Morrisseymet Paul Simon  met a pile of Prozac ... with stuff like; "the music's too loud and the noise from the crowd increases the chance of misinterpretation, so let your hips do the talking."

A song of the awkwardness of love, replete with lush strings, delicate piano tinkling and a sumptuous melody more addictive than crack cocaine off Kate Upton's bountiful bazookas.

A song that just makes you want to get those dancing shoes and grab that gal and hit the floor!

I'd rather dance than talk with you ... indeed!!

The sublime vid was directed by fellow Norwegian Geir Hørnes and shot by Johan-Fredrik Bødtker.

The piece begins in a ballet studio where the teacher evicts an awkward young Erlend out of the room due to his ... erm unconventional dancing (which looks a little like a baby giraffe having a spasm atack!)

Cut to years later where Erlend dances to a record and Eirik plays the piano. Ballet students then enter the room and practice their basic moves. Soon, however, they begin to be taught Erlend's very unconventional steps, particularly "the swing."

Yap, bizarrely, Erlend's somehow a dancing teacher now.

The video culminates in a big - bizarre - dance recital with Eirik accompanying the dancers on piano and Erlend watching anxiously backstage.

What will happen???

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