Monday, 18 May 2015

Bad Day In The Office - Stage Diver: Aussie Football chairman takes a tumble

A bizarro moment from Sunday's Australian A-League championship trophy presentation in Melbourne as Football Federation of Australia chairman Frank Lowy takes a rather heavy fall, tumbling off a really dumbly designed stage, while trying to hand over the silverware to Mark Milligan - the captain of Melbourne Victory (who, ironically, were victorious!

Meanwhile, the guy co-presenting the trophy is only concerned for the safety of the silverware and only reaches out for the cup as his helpless cohort goes tumbling!

And as the distraught Lowy lies prone, Mark Milligan just stares at him and offers less than zero assistance! ... That's captain-ship for you!

Anyway, the main thing is the sprightly guy got right up and is fine! ... All ready for next year's tumble!

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