Sunday, 17 May 2015

Art of the Cover - The Growlers' "Hung at Heart" (2013)

Another fine slab of sunburned, psychedelic beach goth, here! 

Since coming on the scene a few years back, Cali cult faves The Growlers have toured relentlessly, including Coachella, Lollapalooza, and even Rock In Rio but they continue to stay true to their roots with a distinctly DIY approach.

Their songwriting is in top form again here, and this unique band delivers some seriously catchy tunes.

The music of The Growlers is unmistakable.  Sure, you can hone in on some influences baked into the work of this California-bred band. Damn, even they'd cop to a few, like Ricky Nelson and The Clash. But once those same RIYL tags have been filtered through the minds and hands and voices of this five-piece, there's simply nothing else like it.

The Growlers took the phrase ''Beach Goth'' as an apt descriptor of their music. Sunburned and salty, that term perfectly describes their distinctive melding of reverb heavy surf guitar and Bakersfield-style honky tonk with '80s post-punk.


1. Someday
2. Naked Kids
3. Salt on a Slug
4. One Million Lovers
5. No Need for Eyes
6. Living in a Memory
7. Pet Shop Eyes
8. In Between
9. Burden of the Captain
10. Row
11. It's No Use
12. Use Me for Your Eggs
13. Derka Blues
14. Beach Rats
15. The Fruit is for Everyone

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