Monday, 18 May 2015

Art of the Cover - "Flashdance: Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture" (1983)


1. "Flashdance... What a Feeling"  [Giorgio Moroder, Keith Forsey, Irene Cara] Irene Cara 3:53
2. "He's a Dream"  [Shandi Sinnamon, Ronald Magness] Shandi Sinnamon 3:28
3. "Love Theme from Flashdance"  [Giorgio Moroder] Helen St. John 3:27
4. "Manhunt"  [Doug Cotler, Richard Gilbert] Karen Kamon 2:36
5. "Lady, Lady, Lady"  [Moroder, Forsey] Joe Esposito 4:09
6. "Imagination"  [Michael Boddicker, Jerry Hey, Phil Ramone, Michael Sembello] Laura Branigan 3:35
7. "Romeo"  [Pete Bellotte, Sylvester Levay] Donna Summer 3:13
8. "Seduce Me Tonight"  [Moroder, Forsey] Cycle V 3:31
9. "I'll Be Here Where the Heart Is"   [Kim Carnes, Duane Hitchings, Craig Krampf] Kim Carnes 4:36
10. "Maniac"  [Sembello, Dennis Matkosky] Michael Sembello 4:04

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