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Art of the Cover - Faith No More's "Sol Invictus" (2015)

A rather, erm ... interesting - nay, oddly disturbing - bizarro piece of cover artwork here!

The cover and booklet photographs are by artist/ musician Ossian Brown of the groups Coil and Cyclobe.

The images are taken from his 2010 book Haunted Air. 

Haunted Air, showcases anonymous Halloween photographs taken between 1875 and 1955. It is published by Jonathan Cape, an imprint of Random House UK.

Brown said of the work in  Haunted Air .....
"I like to experience each photograph as a magical event, frozen in front of me. I'm drawn to pictures with a mood that 'oozes' into the normality of the moment, and changes it. It's important to me that there's nothing to disturb this, no detail in the composition or in the models posture that could interfere with that magic."

Album design is by than long time Mike Patton collaborator, Norwegian designer Martin Kvamme

Kvamme said of the overall design ,,,,,
"They have a couple of really cool images, that are put together quite elegantly. I think it will suit the FNM catalogue quite nicely. Nice printing with some special print effects..."

Yap, Mike Patton and the Faith No More, gang are back, baby!  

It's their first studio album since 1997's Album of the Year, marking the longest gap between two studio albums in their career. However, this thing's so invigorating, it's like they've never been away!

Faith No More's seventh album begins with frontman Mike Patton doing his best Leonard Cohen impression over a tiptoeing, faux-jazz, and slightly tongue-in-cheek piano figure courtesy of keyboardist Roddy Bottum. Tentative and slow-building with an almost cabaret-like atmosphere, the decision to make this type of entrance after a wait of nearly two decades mirrors the way the iconic band didn’t rush into any new material after initially reuniting six years ago. In fact, Sol Invictus oozes with casual confidence - clearly the work of musicians who allowed themselves to gel again as a unit and created the conditions for their sound to, in a manner of speaking, simply come up through their pores. 
Nothing about this new material gives off the feeling that Faith No More agonized over recapturing their chemistry or grappled with how their contribution might find a place in today’s musical climate - questions that haunt any band that returns after a long absence. And the ease with which all five members give the songs that signature FNM feeling of buildup suggests that they were able to get as comfortable in their sound as if they were putting on an old jacket. Which is not to say that Sol Invictus sounds tossed-off but that, on the contrary, nothing about it sounds contrived or forced. Throughout, the band sounds invigorated, well-rested and well-oiled - like it has benefited alike from time spent apart and back together.


01 - Sol Invictus
02 - Superhero
03 - Sunny Side Up
04 - Separation Anxiety
05 - Cone Of Shame
06 - Rise Of The Fall
07 - Black Friday
08 - Mothefucker
09 - Matador
10 - From The Dead


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