Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Art of the Cover - Elastica's "The Menace" (2000)

Wonderful artwork adorns this fine collection, that features two new songs written by the legendary Mark E. Smith.

Another song was written by Adam Ant while some guy called Damon Albarn also appears on the album.

The cover photo was taken by visual artist and musician Maya Arulpragasam.

Arulpragasam also directed the video for "Mad Dog God Dam" and designed the cover for the band's last single "The Bitch Don't Work."

Arulpragasam later became a music performer herself and achieved a certain amount of success.

Yeah, you may have heard of her --- she performs under the handle M.I.A !


Mad Dog God Dam
How He Wrote Elastica Man
Image Change
Your Arse My Place
Nothing Stays The Same
Miami Nice
Love Like Ours
My Sex
The Way I Like It
Da Da Da

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