Friday, 1 May 2015

Art of the Cover - Disasterpeace's "It Follows OST" (2015)

Disasterpeace\'s \'It Follows\' Soundtrack Set for Release

STI-themed horror flick It Follows may not have received a wide release just yet, but the film is already enjoying status as an instant cult classic. Now, the film's soundtrack is set to receive a proper release.

The music for It Follows was composed by Rich Vreeland who, working as Disasterpeace, has previously done a ton of soundtrack work - most notably, he composed original music for Sofia Coppola's Somewhere.

Directed by David Robert Mitchell, It Follows tells the story of a young woman (played by The Guest's Maika Monroe) who is haunted by a strange sexual encounter.

The film's soundtrack is available now digitally overseas, but Milan Records promises that a wide soundtrack release through the label is coming soon. The film itself was recently released through video on demand.


1. Heels 
2. Title
3. Jay 
4. Anyone
5. Old Maid
6. Company 
7. Detroit 
8. Detritus 
9. Playpen 
10. Inquiry 
11. Lakeward 
12. Doppel 
13. Relay 
14. Greg 
15. Snare 
16. Pool 
17. Father 
18. Linger 

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