Friday, 1 May 2015

The Video - Matthew E. White's "Steady Pace"

did you ever wonder where the night spends all its days?

Featuring King Tubby, Elizabeth Cotten, Leonard Cohen, Marvin Gaye, Randy Newman ... and an array of stellar others, here's a beautiful vid  (seemingly, taking it's cue from the album's cover artwork) for White's "Steady Pace." 

White even shows off his trademark twinkletoes dance moves here!

Yap, from the mighty Big Inner LP from a while back , it's the wonderful, soulful, southern single "Steady Pace" - a witty, groovy and addictive piece - by the one and only Matthew E. White (a guy who's seemingly part bear, part John Lennon and part Indian chief).

As long as we are moving at a steady pace, baby, we can take our time ... indeed!

In 2012, Virginian visionary, songwriter  and bandleader, Matthew E. White really impressed with his debut album, Big Inner; a stunning collection of songs that took older influences ranging from Randy Newman to Curtis Mayfield to The Band and re-sculpted them from a progressive, 21st century perspective.

Big Inner debuted at #19 on Billboard '​s Heatseekers Albums chart and received rave reviews, appearing on several "best of the year" lists in 2012.

The album, for example, received a rare five-star review from The Guardian newspaper and was called "One of the great albums of modern Americana" by acclaimed magazine Uncut 

And now White picks up right where he left off with this fantastic follow-up, Fresh Blood - a sublime 10-track LP co-produced by White and his Spacebomb Records co-founder Trey Pollard.

What's better is a marvellous, special, double-LP, limited-edition of the mighty new opus is now available!

"Fresh Blood" [Deluxe Edition] includes the beautifully presented Fresh Blood: No Skin, a different mix of the album minus the strings, horns, and choir.

Yap, a complete new full length minimalistic mix of the album ..... 96 minutes of beautiful infinity.

Fresh Blood is available on CD (WIGCD309), Vinyl (WIGLP309) and via digital download (WIG309D). There is also a special edition of the album, which is a double LP gatefold heavyweight vinyl (WIGLP309X) containing a bonus LP titled Fresh Blood: No Skin – a full length minimalist mix of the entire album, minus strings/horns or choir.

Video Credits

Director: Travis Robertson 
Art Director: Travis Robertson 
Director of Photography: Joey Tran 
Editor: Joey Tran 
Creative Director: Sara Padgett Heathcott 
Producer: Spacebomb

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