Friday, 1 May 2015

The Video - Damon Albarn's "Heavy Seas Of Love"

when your soul isn't right and it's raw to the night, you're in safe hands

A fine single form Albarn's wonderful debut solo studio album Everyday Robots. the gospel-tinged 

The song features some gorgeous Gorrilaz-esque support vocals from The Leytonstone City Mission Choir. 

It also features the lovelorn sealion vocals of some bloke called Brian Eno.

The athmospheric vid features footage from Albarn himself and was edited by Matt Cronin. It was directed by Damon.

It was shot in locations as diverse as exotic West London and Uruguay.

Albarn and Aitor Thorup, the creative director for the album, began a competition to direct Albarn's new video, in association with Tribeca Interactive. The finalists’ films were showcased as part of the Tribeca Online Festival in April and displayed throughout 2014 Tribeca Film Festival official venues and lounges via interactive kiosks, in addition being made available on the Challenge website. 

The winner was Jakub Romanowicz from Poland.

Oddly, however a "true music video" was released on late April, which was shot entirely on an iPad - a similar approach as Albarn's "Lonely Press Play" music video, . 

The video is composed of psychedelic-esque travel footage shot by Albarn and edited by Matt Cronin. 

Sadly, neither The Leytonstone City Mission Choir nor 'sealion' Brian Eno appear in the music video!

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