Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Still - Cat Doesn't Get All The Cream

Varsity Blues was a little underrated high school sports movie, but features one scene that sticks in the mind of any guy who watched it.

Actually, it's a scene that also really defies all belief!

Yap, demure Ali Larter propositions James Van Der Beek (if that's a real name!) wearing only, erm, a whipped cream bikini!

And ... JVDB turns her down and leaves the room!

She even had cherries, for fuck sake!

Yeah, there's not a high school aged male alive (well, except those ponces in Glee) that would ever dream of leaving that room in such a situation.

This might actually be the most unrealistic scene in movie history, and if not, it's up there.

The scene remains the highlight of Ali Larter's career!.

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