Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Art of the Cover - Moon King's "Secret Life" (2015)

Secret Life cover art

Playing over 100 shows in the year 2013 alone in support of the acclaimed pair of EPs Obsession I and Obsession II, the buzz surrounding the music of Toronto duo Moon King never really died down. Even more impressive when you consider that Daniel Benjamin and Maddy Wilde haven’t even had a full-length record under their belt until this one!

At last it's here. And their eagerly anticipated debut, titled Secret Life, even demonstrates an improvement in their already wonderful style of writing and recording.

It's definitely been worth the wait.

The most apparent change is a shift towards more polished production, cleaning up the lo-fi style that characterized the group’s earlier work. The result is much more accommodating to the vocal work of both Benjamin and Wilde in moments of restraint (the delicate “Secret Life”), powerful release (the roaring “Hexe”) and soaring harmony (“Impossible”).

This newfound sonic space has also granted Benjamin the ability to showcase pleasant subtleties in his music, such as the lower register keyboard bounce of “Roswell,” not to mention the dynamic shifts of the aforementioned “Impossible” and the uniquely structured tempo of “Apocalypse,” all of which contribute further to Secret Life’s compelling balance between blissful and bellowing.


1. Roswell
2. Secret Life
3. Impossible
4. Come Back
5. Hexe
6. Threads
7. Apocalypse
8. Golden Age
9. Medicine

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