Thursday, 18 June 2015

Art of the Cover - Hot Chip's "Why Make Sense?" (2015)

As is the band's wont, a piece of uber-minimalist, post-modern, abstract art adorns Hot Chip's impending sixth studio album.

What the fuck could it possibly mean? .... Does anybody care?

Why Make Sense? ... indeed!

Yap, Hot Chips will be releasing their long awaited new LP - entitled Why Make Sense? - in early May on the Domino label.

"Huarache Lights" has just been released, as the lead single to the collection.

Why Make Sense? was produced by the band themselves and Mark Ralph, who they also worked with for their last full-length, In Our Heads, which came out back in 2012.

And the album can be pre-ordered now - just click the thingy on the LHS!

The good news is that, if you pre-order the album, you also get the limited-edition bonus four-track EP Separate, which showcases some extra new songs from the band's recent sessions that had to be cut from the LP.


Why Make Sense?

01 “Huarache Lights”
02 “Love Is The Future”
03 “Cry For You”
04 “Started Right”
05 “White Wine And Fried Chicken”
06 “Dark Night”
07 “Easy To Get”
08 “Need You Now”
09 “So Much Further To Go”
10 “Why Make Sense?”

Limited Edition 'Separate' EP 
01 “Burning Up”
02 “Separate”
03 “Move With Me”
04 “Re-harmonize”

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