Friday, 23 October 2015

Art of the Cover - Father's "Who's Gonna Get F*cked First?" (2015)


 run up on me, leave you looking like Eddie Winslow in that episode when he got his ass beat .....

The SoundCloud description of Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First? states its intent plainly: "32-mins of pure, unfiltered debauchery." This is party music about girls and drugs and fights, over efficient beats with lots of empty space. The unprintable title might give some initial pause, but it fits. Even more than partying, this is an album about sex - weird, freaky, intoxicated, potentially group sex - but also, consensual, mutually pleasurable, and age-appropriate. Father handles the topic with a maturity and egalitarianism that feels revelatory, resulting in the most sex-positive rap release of the year.


Who’s Gonna Get F*cked First?
Back in the “A” Freestyle / On Me
Read Her Lips (feat. Ethereal)
Gurl (feat. Abra)
Slow Dance (Interlude)
Morena (feat. Stalin Majesty & Abra)
BET Uncut (feat. Richposlim)
Spoil You Rotten
Vamp (feat. Tommy Genesis)
Highway 101
Everybody in the Club Gettin’ Shot
Suicide Party (feat. Slug Christ & KeithCharles Spacebar)

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