Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Art of the Cover - Best Coast's "California Nights" (2015)

Although known more for their laid-back, sun-baked, surf pop,  Best Coast's new collection “California Nights” is a decidedly bolder, more scorching beast - highlighted by red-hot, shoegaze-inspired guitars and Bethany Cosentino’s spectral vocals,

Five years on from ‘Crazy for You’, their acclaimed weed-and reverb-drenched surf-punk opus, Best Coast have really come of age.

The dreamy, sun-streaked yearning remains, but the humour that laced Cosentino’s bratty ennui has gone.

California Nights is, instead, full of more sobering concerns – medication, heartbreak, insomnia. Gone too is the plucky, country-dappled sound the duo (completed by guitarist Bobb Bruno) trialled on their 2012 album ‘The Only Place’.

In its place is chunkier, ’90s-style power-pop: turbo drums, crunching guitars and bombastic production from Wally Gagel, whose previous credits include Muse.

 It’s a thing of radiating sunbeams, particularly so on the giddy, shimmering ‘Heaven Sent’.


01. Feeling O.K.
02. Fine Without You
03. Heaven Sent
04. In My Eyes
05. So Unaware
06. When Will I Change
07. Jealousy
08. California Nights
09. Fading Fast
10. Run Through My Head
11. Sleep Won’t Ever Come
12. Wasted Time

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