Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Video - Hot Chip's "Huarache Lights"

An interesting, uber-minimalist, post-modern vid here for Hot Chip's single  "Huarache Lights".

"Huarache Lights" - the first single from their sixth studio album - seems a more mature song than they've ever heretofore produced. tell us
.... Hot Chip built its fandom with emotionally-intelligent and loneliness-inducing electronic beats .On "Huarache Lights," Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard overlay their voice to create a pulsing, mid-tempo song that fluctuates between smooth, calming verses and amplified, overwhelming choruses. It's a pairing that turns "Huarache Lights" from good to great.

The arty video below was directed by Andy Knowles, and shot all in one take - probably as some post modern tribute to Orson Welles, or something!

The thing is built around a mesmerizing light installation created by artist Robert Bell.

Yap, Brit pranksters Hot Chip released their sixth album, Why Make Sense?, a few weeks back.

The new album was produced by the band themselves and Mark Ralph, who they also worked with for their last full-length, In Our Heads, which came out back in 2012.

Also included is a limited-edition bonus four-track EP Separate, which showcases some extra new songs from the band's recent sessions that had to be cut from the LP.

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